Weed Control, Wetting Agents & Nutrient Applications

The latest equipment and technology is the key to providing you with new standards in environmental and public safety, and a more cost effective, efficient and reliable service.

Guidance and Reporting Systems

All chemical application vehicles are fitted with digital global position systems (DGPS). Computerised controllers vary feed rate to maintain consistent application rates.

The DGPS combined with the computerized controller not only improves accuracy and reliability of delivery, it also provides detailed records of the work carried out inclusive of:-

(1) A complete map of the area covered
(2) Details of speed travelled and paths taken.
(3) A record of application including rate.
(4) Time of application
(5) Weather conditions at the time of application

A double sided foam marker has been added to the guidance system to enable spraying amongst trees and areas not accessible by GPS. Fresh water safety tanks are fitted for emergency use and the vehicles are licensed for on road use.

All operators are licensed.