Broadacre turf mowing


Using a fleet of modern commercial mowers of every size and type, the Maintenance division of Lovegrove Turf has provided lawn maintenance services under contract to the Department of Education and Training since 1996 and currently is responsible for 216 schools. Associated services include mowing, aeration, fertilising, weed spraying, top dressing, verti-mowing, deep slicing, scarifying and turf renovation.

Many of our turf maintenance techniques are the product of years of turf production. We currently have 120 hectares under cultivation at five locations. Production is intensive - requiring detailed horticultural knowledge of and practical skills in all aspects of the growth and maintenance of several turf grasses.

Over the years Lovegrove Turf Services has undertaken turf maintenance and turf renovation work for every metropolitan local government authority and many of the country councils. Many private schools, businesses, private citizens and both Federal and State government departments are among our clientele.