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To get the most out of your turf or lawn you need to consider the different varieties that are available. Different varieties have advantages in certain situations such as heavy traffic areas and shaded lawns or when low water use is a requirement . Many people do not have the time to spend on extensive lawn care and may prefer a lower maintenance variety.

We currently recommend the following varieties of turf.

Kikuyu on the Salt Water Estuary , Mandurah. South of Perth. 29 June 2005


Our most popular variety of lawn

Kikuyu retains its lush colour during the Winter months.

It needs to be mown weekly during the Summer months and should be allowed to grow longer in shady areas to maintain a good appearance.

Its recovery, soft texture and ability to keep out weeds has earned this variety of lawn the right to be the first choice for the Western Australian Education Department.

Kikuyu can be mowed with either a rotary or reel mower.

Durable, it has the shortest recovery time of all the grasses making it the number one choice for sporting ovals.

Domestic users are now waking up to the virtues of this lawn ;

Minimal Maintenance

It has the ability to absorb more wear than other varieties.

Under W.A conditions, Kikuyu is second only to the couches regarding drought tolerance.


The popular choice for domestic lawns

Wintergreen is a fine Hybrid couch that will tolerate both full sun and down to about 50% sunlight.

It is a deep, dark lush green.

During establishment, silver-graying of the lawn is an obvious sign of water stress; therefore extra or heavier waterings are required at this time only.

Minimal Fertiliser and frequent mowings make this an easy-care and attractive lawn.

It has been the popular domestic choice for the past 15 years.

Requires a little less water than Buffalo (approximately three times a week for 15-20 minutes once established.) But will survive and perform better than most under the current water restrictions.

It is a hybrid member of the couch species, which are the most drought tolerant grasses under WA conditions.

Empire Zoysia

A new and exciting grass

This particular variety of zoysia has performed well for us, in Western Australia, over the past two seasons.

It is a soft broadleaf variety of the Zoysia species, which have proved themselves in over a century of useage in the warmer Southern parts of the U.S of A.

It is tough, durable and soft.

It requires little mowing in the cooler months.

It is too early in it's establishment in W.A to determine if Zoysia uses more water, or is as drought tolerant, as Kikuyu, but results so far are promising.

We expect this variety of grass to become extremely popular.

Soft Leaf Buffalo

Click here for Important Facts About Soft Leaf Buffalo

All the soft leaf varieties of Buffalo are extremely soft compared to the older types and have a healthy green appearance.

Soft Leaf Buffalo is a shallow rooting grass requiring more water in Summer than Kikuyu or the Couches.

The thick matting which comes with age makes it essential that you install your buffalo well below kerb height. The thick matting also prevents a lot of weeds from appearing. However, if wear induces bare patches and weeds get a hold, Buffalo is more susceptible to most herbicides and manual weeding is recommended.

Soft leaf Buffalo is not drought resistant under W.A. conditions.