Complete Turf and Lawn Care Services and Supply for Perth and WA

    Turf & Lawn Supply

  • Quality Assured Turf Grower

  • Phytophera Free

  • Locally Grown on our Perth Turf Farms

  • Grass Stolons (Shredded Turf)

  • Roll on Turf (Instant Turf)

  • Select Varieties

Installation & Maintenance

Water Consumption Minimisation

Pest & Weed Control

Selective weed control in turf

Non selective control along walkways

Grounds Maintenance

Sweeping and Rakovac

Irrigation scheduling and maintenance

Dgps Guided Granular Fertilising

Sports Turf Construction & Landscape Construction

  • Preliminary earthworks

  • Underground drainage

  • Mechanical rock picking

  • Profile construction

  • Landscape Developement

  • Hard and soft landscaping

  • Broad acre seeding & planting of natives