Turf Coring In WA

Lovegrove Turf Coring Machinery

New Coring Machine

The modern corer is a machine powered by the power-take-off of the pulling tractor. The result is a series of holes "punched" into the surface. The hole spacing and pattern can be precisely determined. As the tynes are driven into the ground they break up the surrounding soil without disrupting the surface and greatly alleviate compaction.

New Coring Machine

Nutrients and water are now able to penetrate to the desired level. Surface disruption and down time is kept to a minimum as the small holes left on the surface can be quickly refilled with fresh, loose sand and subsequently the turf will be rejuvenated by being able to deep root through the thatch and mat into the subsoil below.

Core holes

The resulting combination of loose cores and decompacting, coring action can bring new life to turf and lawn surfaces and prevent the need for costly removal and relaying of turf. Newly laid turf surfaces must not be used for a considerably longer period than cored surfaces, an important factor for many public access surfaces, schools and sporting venues.

When to use Turf Coring

When Minimum Surface Disruption and Down-Time are Priorities

Core holes

While the turf corer does not decompact as well as the rejuvenator overall, it comes into its own when minimum surface disruption and down time are priorities. Surfaces such as tennis courts and football ovals and other high impact sporting surfaces that need to stay in play all benefit greatly from regular coring especially as part of an overall maintenance program.

When not to use the Corer

When Maximum Decompaction is Required

Compacted soils vary in the type, depth and density of compaction. Traditionally the corer has been a popular choice for decompaction and it still has it's place in turf renovation and maintenance. However after Thirty years in a relatively young industry, we know that you cannot simply run the same machine over every surface and get the best results. We have developed new and more specific methods and machinery for decompaction that target varying soils and decompaction requirements.

Every Turf Surface is Different

Each method and machine has it's own advantages and drawbacks and we use them to their best advantage. In many cases, we use multiple machines in specific order to get the best possible result for your turf.

In particular the Rejuvenator has some technical and economic advantages over the Corer in many situations. We have developed techniques based on the Earthquake and the Agrivator/Aerator and utilising ancillary machinery such as the Power Rake for particular requirements.

The Old Turf Corers in Western Australia

The old turf coring machines are based on a spiked cylinder, using gravity alone to drive the tynes into the ground.
These machines are still in use in WA. However, the size of cores and the cleanliness of the punch holes has led Lovegrove Turf Services to update to the latest turf coring machinery.