Power Raking

Leveling and Seed Bed Preparation

Power Raking Turf after Rejuvenation, Perth Wa

The choice of turf growers throughout the world for over thirty years, the power rake can level ground better than any other machine.

Whilst levelling it also efficently filters unwanted deleterious material into a windrow. It can then be removed by other machinery such as a Bobcat or Rakovac.

The unique action of levelling and filtering is achieved by winding loose dirt between two rollers whilst windrowing a portion of dirt and debris to one side. This system has never been bettered for levelling.

Power Rakes can be safely used on lawns and turf. Dead turf, clippings and other loose material can be raked from the surface without damaging the turf itself.

    Power Rakes are used for

  • Levelling topdressing sand

  • Levelling and filling trenches after rejuvenation.

  • Levelling after coring.

  • Removing small rocks and other deleterious material.

  • Preparing smooth and level seed beds.