The Field Topmaker efficiently and accurately slices a horizontal layer from turf and grass surfaces. The depth of the layer that is removed can be adjusted very finely (to the millimeter). This is a neccessity for precision work such as cricket pitches and golf courses and a luxuary when dethatching more forgiving surfaces.

Our machines are utilized by the Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) to remove and renovate the wicket at the end of a season and leave a billiard-ball smooth surface ready for the next seasons preparations.

Rock hard cricket pitches are an extreme example of the de-thatching ability of the topmaker. It can also be used on large areas to remove thatch to any depth required or completely remove worn out surfaces - turf, grass,weeds and all in preparation for laying new turf. The ultimate tool for beginning with a clean (and smooth) slate.

The accuracy of the Field topmaker is used in turf production to cut stolons (runners) for oval planting or sale as shredded turf. The size of the stolon is varied according to season and weather. This is why Lovegrove shredded turf performs significantly better than turf harvested by more haphazard methods.

When using the Field Topmaker, we collect the spoil in our custom built tipping trailers and remove or relocate as required, leaving the job clean as well as smooth.