Turf and Lawn Fertilising

The need to keep accurate records and accurately apply fertilizers more often at decreasing rates per hectare is driven by environmental concerns and increasingly economical turf management practices.

With this in mind, Lovegrove Turf Services “jumped the field” several years ago by introducing spreaders guided by Differential Group Positioning Systems off satellites.

GPS has been around for a long time in aeronautical and maritime navigation.
Several years ago it moved into agriculture and with the introduction of DGPS to give accuracy within 60mm, it was ready for horticulture.

With these accurate records Lovegrove Turf Services can offer:

Proof of accurate applications of fertilizers and wetting agents.
No-argument computer records.
Environmental responsibility.

Lovegrove Turf Services has a Fertiliser spreader to suit your turf

Mitsubishi 4WD vehicle capable of applying 2500kg of a granular product or organic matter in one mobilization at 50kg and greater a hectare by way of a multispreader.
Guided by DGPS

Other Machines we offer include:

Small lightweight utility units that can apply up to 400kg in one mobilization at rates down to as low as 10kg/Ha.
Small lightweight tractors on turf tyres with a Vicon pendulum spreader with the same capabilities.